Elven Stewart to House Ebon


I needed a change. My time as a spy and combatant had left me hollow. I decided to join the ambassador’s League I was assigned to a human Lord Danil and Lady Heather Ebon. My assignment is quite simple, I was to be their valet, the butler, their servant I want to use my time to help build a bridge with these humans to show them that the elves do not all mean them harm and some of us were happy to work with them.

Lord and Lady hired me because they true to wanted to build diplomatic relations between our two peoples I met their son Tomas, and upon first seeing me he gave me the name that I’m now known by Elfred. He was a small boy just learning his words and colors he recognized that I was an elf and that I had Stark red here so to him I was Elfred. I didn’t mind, in my long years I’ve certainly been called worse, murderer, spy…traitor.

I found a certain comfort in servitude I knew my duties, I ran their keep, raised their child. I was there trusted confidant. There was comfort, even a sense of normalcy in this humble service. I found I felt more at ease in the execution of my duties. Memories of my time in service to the Eldar Court, long distance and fading.

The time went fast Lady Heather died first of consumption. The priest came but it was too late. She had passed on, their god, the skinny lady, had already taken her. Lord Danil followed her soon after, a broken heart I didn’t think humans could actually feel so deeply like we do, we elves.

This left the keep and the rulership under a very young Lord Tomas. He soon married his bride, Lady Marta and they had a child, a lovely little boy Lord Bruce.

It was around this time that the enemy of Man known as the Necromancer, had rose to power. The Necromancer enlisted the service of several evil horrible creatures, one of those being a General Massacre.

The general attacked not only Batkeep, but also Ebonholme. The General had managed to pierce the keep. He found lady Martha hiding away, trying to keep a young Lord Bruce quiet. Lord Bruce was a scared boy crying out inconsolable fear. The General cut her down in front of her husband and her child laughing the whole time. Lord Tomas fought, trying to protect his family but he was no match for the powers of evil.

I picked up the Lord Bruce and ran trying to shield the boy from the horrors that were about to happen, but I failed. Lord Bruce saw his father’s head removed from his shoulders and the General pick it up looking into the eyes of Tomas. The General chased us. His mission was to kill the family of Ebon.

I knew an ancient path, an ancient Secret. I called upon the arch Fey, Grandfather Bat and he opened a cave for us into Arcadia. I was only permitted to step into the gate but no further, Grandfather Bat made a deal, he would raise the boy, he would train the boy so that one day he could retake the keep and put his parents Souls at rest. I stood there and agreed on behalf of the boy has was my permitence as the family Butler. The boy was my charge now and I felt that the Archfey could protect him from the massacre.

When I return to the keep the Batguard had pushed the undead Army back. Or more aptly the undead Army have left.

I dismissed all the servants from the keep, only hiring out specialist when I need certain repairs made, but I kept the keep clean dusted awaiting the return of the Lord Bruce.

I grew lonely in my solitude and took to wandering the forest. It was here that I found a knight in the forest, sir Robin. I took him to the keep and tended to his wounds. He was almost fully recovered yet a joy to have in the keep he was a young man full of laughter and jokes but Brave and very apt at the art of combat.

To my ever sorrow sir Robin saw the Arcadia gate open right there in the middle of the keep. This event marked the return of Lord Bruce. Finally returned from Arcadia he was a man now I didn’t realize that I had two decades had passed but here he was a young man of 25.

Lord Bruce emerged from the gate wearing a mask in the fearful image of a bat and wrapped himself in a huge billowing black and red cloak. He was given a new name in the other world, they called him Bacardi and with his new powers he had a new conquest, to bring evil to Justice.

Over the next several months he and Sir Robin made attempts at those missions, attacking Forest Bandits thieves in town, murderers and rapists. All of them caught in the cover of night, bringing fear to the criminals and justice for the innocent.

When the Jester killed sir Robin, something changed in Lord Bruce he wanted to see The West Wing, he wanted to see a room that I had blocked off and barricaded I would not permit anyone to see. Reluctantly, I took the boards down and let him see the room with a blood stain still soaked the carpet wet even after a hundred years. In this room his parents reenact their deaths on a nightly basis.

Here is where he comes to remind himself of his mission and why he must accomplish it. I serve two masters now. Lord Bruce Ebon and his othername, Bacardi.



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