Garrick Ellywick CastleRock (Seth)

Inquisitive Tinkergnome (Gnome Wizard re-skin)


Garrick is a young member of an order that disagrees with the Mad gnome King Hali. They pursue knowledge for its own value, not to achieve some other type of power. Your order stole the planar coordinate log book from the King and now you carry in your pocket a page from this book, which contains the only known copy of the coordinates for the Positive Energy Plane.

The math behind the process is quite complex, but the basic code necessary for dialing in the plane on an elemental gate is 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. You were told to guard this knowledge with your life, as entire continents could be destroyed if these numbers fell into the wrong hands.

You were instructed to travel to the western human lands and find the Gnomish outpost town of (name TBD) where other like-minded gnomes will help you protect this knowledge.

Garrick Ellywick CastleRock (Seth)

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