Lore (Rick)

Tribesman of the Barrier Peaks (Half-Ork Barbarian)


The central bonfire was roaring in the night and the crackling and snapping of the burning sap could be heard from a great distance. The tribe members sat around the fire, waiting. The young warrior sitting near the last ring of tribesmen stood and strode forward. The half-orc held his head high and kept his back straight as he approached the elders sitting to one side.

These tribesmen and woman watched as he approached but remained silent. He had endured a lot of hardship when he was young being the bastard son of Orc raider that had taken his mother against her will. The tribe had shunned him for many years and the other children had ridiculed and taunted him mercilessly all through his childhood. Over time though, his stoic nature and good heart won them over and after he had proven himself time and time again in battle against other clans as well as the Orcs and Goblinoid races he was to be recognized as a full warrior of his people.

“I am Lore, son of Meesh’a, Daughter of Nat’an, son of Od’an. Warrior of the Green Peaks tribe of Clan Wolf.” He began, his voice booming into the quiet of the night. “For years I have hunted food for our family, hunted enemies for my family.” His eyes moved from one elder to the next looking into the eyes of each in turn and they in turn met his eyes unflinching as he spoke. “Together we will prepare for the return of the Neogi as foretold by the spirits that guide us. When they return, we will be ready to cast them back into the darkness (night’s sky) from whence they came. The Clans will not bow to them ever again.” He paused, “I…” he began when the oldest and largest of the elders held up his hand causing Lore to stop.

“You show great loyalty to the family young Lore, it does you credit.” The warleader began, his voice a low rumble". But we have also seen your anger, your rage at your half blood brothers, the Orcs" “They are of your blood too, do you not hold any peace in your soul for them?”

The young warriors face reddened and he clenched his fist at his side. “Their blood may run through me but by soul is of the people” he shouted. “I have never met an Orc that shared my soul”.

“And if you were to meet one?” said the shaman sitting to the side of the warleader with a hint of challenge in his voice. “what would you do then young warrior”?

Lore stood there rigid, unable to respond. Truthfully, he had once thought it possible to find an orc with a soul, but his mind would always find its way back to his mother, and what his “father” had done to her. No, they were just monsters that needed to be culled and cleansed. But his mind drifted to that possibility now as the question was posed out loud for the first time in his life. “I…I dont know…..” he said faultily.

The Shaman’s head bobbed up and down as he cackled “Good, Good. Because when you know everything, that is when you discover you know next to nothing” he laughed.

The warleader stood while shaking his head at the shaman and approached the warrior. " Young Lore, we do not expect you to know your heart in full, you are still young. But we expect you to understand that your heart, like the seasons of the peaks, changes." he reached out and placed his large hands on the warriors shoulders. “and you must be able to come to grips with those changes.” “Welcome to the Family”.


Lore (Rick)

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